Craig Cat Rentals

CraigCat watercrafts offer high-performance activity and great versatility. Blue Water Boat & Jetski Rentals is proud to offer such an outstanding vessel—and we’re here to get you cruising. Unparalleled in fun, safety and comfort, your CraigCat rental is ready when you are.

Venture Out to Peanut Island

If you like fishing, cruising or diving, take your rental to Peanut Island. It’s close, and it’s been a high-profile location since 1990. A cozy location boasting comfort and adventure, Peanut Island guarantees great weekends, sunny afternoons and a multitude of recreational activities.

Your CraigCat sport boat rental is ideal for such a location, and its affordable construction is viable for many income levels. Peanut Island, too, is well-known for its flexibility, and visitors can explore the area’s lush history, astounding views and crystal clear waterside. Designated Swimming Areas host great arenas for snorkeling, fishing, diving and exploration. Protecting the local manatee population, Peanut Island’s Manatee Protection and Boating Safety Zones guard the location’s greatest asset: nature.

A quality location for saltwater fishing, anglers are always welcome. The nearby lake Worth Lagoon spawns beautiful waters, and Peanut Island’s Fishing Pier is open twenty-four hours a day. Your relaxing days and exciting nights are more than accessible—they’re promised.

Access Lake Worth Inlet in Minutes

Of course, adventure requires instant access. Blue Water Boat & Jetski Rentals provides a centrally located marina for instant Lake Worth Inlet access. Holstering CraigCat’s finest, award-winning models, Blue Water Boat & Jetski Rentals does the brand justice by hosting its famous vessels.

Once you’ve rented, head over to the Lake Worth Inlet—where opportunity knocks. Also known as the Palm Beach Inlet, the Lake Worth Inlet provides high-end access and ease of maneuverability. It’s artificially sculpted into nearby barrier islands, connecting the Atlantic Ocean with Palm Beach County’s Lake Worth lagoon.

Touching both Palm beach Shores and Palm Beach, Lake Worth Inlet is a hub for everything nautical. Your voyage deserves a destination, and the Lake Worth Inlet is situated perfectly for multiple adventures.

Explore Singer Island’s Beachside

CraigCat is famous for its high-powered machinery and modern models. Loaded with high-tech amenities, new CraigCat models offer high-definition sound systems, Bluetooth accessibility, deluxe bucket seats, convertible tops, positioning and courtesy deck lights.

Needless to say, CraigCat is the ultimate exploration vessel. While exploring in comfort, be sure to check out Singer Island. The location is nearby, and Blue Water Boat & Jetski Rentals is available to provide directions. An oceanfront neighborhood, Singer Island is home to a variety of high-class neighborhoods, upscale resorts and riveting hotels. Its relaxing, natural beauty is onlysurpassed by its miles of scuba diving and snorkeling-worthy waters.

Singer Island’s John D. MacArthur State Park is readily available, and the area’s coastline is perfect for biking, hiking, beach walks and sand-bound sports. Try out the Lake Worth lagoon urban estuary, and visit the Intracoastal Waterway for even more fun. Of course—all visitors are welcome, and a variety of shopping opportunities enrich the area’s culture.

Tour Nearby Dockside Homes and Restaurants

Of course, if you’re hungry for more than adventure, nearby restaurants cater to watercrafts. Your CraigCat’s performance is paired with dynamic comfort options, ensuring the smoothest ride around.

Your rental’s automatic, sport-tuned suspension system creates high performance coasting, and every trip is protected with CraigCat’s own Automatic Stability Control system. If you’re ready, take a ride out to the Dive Bar Restaurant, where Asian, Caribbean and seafood dishes await. Or, check out Guanabanas Island Restaurant & Bar—where Mexican, Latin American and Floribbean food welcomes you.

Regardless of selection, your taste buds are accommodated for. Blue Water Boat & Jetski Rentals is here to serve—and you, the patron, always come first.