The sun was shining brightly as the family set out on their electric boat rental from Bluewater Boat Rental near Peanut Island. They were excited to take the Vision Marine Tritoon out on the water for the day. As they pulled away from the dock, the kids couldn’t wait to feel the wind in their hair and hoped to see dolphins jumping alongside the boat. Dad took the helm and steered them towards Peanut Island while Mom unpacked the picnic lunch they had brought along. The quiet hum of the electric motor was a nice change from the loud gas engines they were used to. They planned to drop anchor near the island, jumped into the warm water for a swim, then climbed back on board to enjoy their lunch. The spacious Tritoon had plenty of room for their whole family to spread out and relax as they took in the beautiful scenery. It was a perfect day on the water.

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