Starcraft 21′ Deck Boat Rentals

Blue Water Boat & Jetski Rentals is ready—and adventure awaits. 21-foot-deck Starcraft Boat Rentals are available, and Blue Water Boat & Jetski Rental is centrally located to provide the sights you deserve. Step aboard, and experience great sightseeing and cruising. Each Starcraft boat delivers expansive room, smooth sailing and great comfort for friends and family.

Head Over to Peanut Island

An excellent location for fresh and saltwater activities, Peanut Island is well-regarded as one of Blue Water Boat & Jetski Rental’s favorite locations. Test your saltwater skills, and head over to the Lake Worth Lagoon! Special facilities are open 24 hours a day, and designated parking, activity and swimming areas are always available for newcomers and return visitors.

Each swimming beach and snorkeling lagoon is well-guarded, so refreshing slat water is always safe. Check out the island’s southeast side, where the Guarded Beach awaits. Shallow-water reefs, an observation platform and water-bound habitats thrive, and your 21-foot-deck Starcraft is the perfect vessel for exploration. Remember: Glass containers are prohibited, and diving is prohibited from all piers, docks and bulkheads.

Travel to Lake Worth Inlet

Lake Worth Inlet, also known as the Palm beach Inlet, is artificially cut through the area’s barrier island. Lake Worth Lagoon appears in its northernmost recesses, within Palm Beach County aside the Atlantic Ocean.

The Lake Worth Inlet is centrally located for every travel need, and your Starcraft has been crafted to explore perfect playgrounds. Starcraft vessels are known for their structural integrity, and each “water day” is a day well spent. The company’s heritage remains strong, and its dedication to style, space and performance is perfect for a Lake Worth Inlet Outing.

Adventure is in your hand, and your Starcraft rental is ready to explore the surrounding barrier island. Again, full Atlantic Ocean access is available—so the horizon is always close by.

Explore Singer Island

John D. MacArthur State park awaits—as do scuba diving, snorkeling, fishing and swimming adventures. Singer Island is the perfect Starcraft destination, and your rental is always secure alongside the area’s picturesque scenery. Visitors are always welcome at Singer Island, and Florida’s finest restaurants exist to please.

Nestled far into the barrier island, the Lake Worth Lagoon provides historical value and an urban estuary filled with new discovery. For the land-bound, shopping strips, high-end hotels and premium restaurants span the coastline. You’d be hard-pressed to miss Singer Island’s best offerings. Biking, hiking and nature watching are also Singer Island cornerstones, and your 21-foot-deck Starcraft is perfect for shoreline excavation.

Nearby Residential and Dockside Locations

Surely, no adventure is complete without residential sightseeing. Your Starcraft is swift, and its high-powered propulsion system provides quick travel and high-end accessibility. If you’ve got food on your mind, take a gander at nearby dockside restaurants.

Sometimes, intercostal travel is better. Square Grouper Tiki Bar is open—and its menu offers succulent sausages, hot dogs, sandwiches and subs. Perfect for a day on the water, the Dive Bar Restaurant offers similar menu options, highlighted by Carribean, Asian and premium seafood options. Guanabanas Island Restaurant & Bar awaits, and your trip could use a little Latin American, Mexican and Floribbean food.

Each Starcraft vessel has been optimized for smooth sailing, guaranteeing sporty outings. Versatility, affordability and safety-minded features define Starcraft vessels—making them industry favorites. Responsible for over 100 years of reliable manufacturing, Starcraft Marine spares nothing when quality is expected.

Exciting deckboats and runabouts are here, and Blue Water Boat & Jetski Rentals is ready to assist your rental options. We’ve supported our community for years—and we intend to provide the world’s finest vessels for many, many more.

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