Florida renting has never been so smooth. Blue Water Boat & Jetski Rentals ensures high-quality crafts—and our services guarantee smooth sailing and flexible renting options. Our Sea Boss 21’ and 26’ Center Consoles are available, and they’re ready to deliver sun-filled adventure days and exquisite nighttime outings.

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Coast Alongside Peanut Island

One of Lake Worth’s most vivid, scenic locations, Peanut Island offers a wealth of opportunities for adventurous boaters. Its eighty acres of tropical landscape accommodate for great experiences—and the nearby Phil Foster Parkis one of the area’s staple historical areas. Situated in proximity of the Port of Palm Beach, Peanut Island never fails to please.

The park’s prime destination is excellent for simmers, fishers, snorkelers, boaters and hikers. A wide array of recreational opportunities await, and newcomers can dock their Sea Boss Center Console craft near the area’s twenty-site campground. Of course, sun and fun are expected—and tent renters can file reservations to access Peanut Island’s Natural Beach Camping sites.

Take a Trip to Lake Worth Inlet

If access is your purpose, Lake Worth Inlet is a prime destination for your Sea Boss Center Console Rental. Year after year, renters turn to Sea Boss Center Console crafts due to their hand-laid fiberglass hull and foam floatation. Comfort is always a Sea Boss feature, and family fun is accessible when fish boxes and auto-comfort amenities are included.

Lake Worth Inlet is Palm Beach’s exploration gateway. An artificial inlet cut through the nearby barrier island, Lake Worth Inlet displays Palm Beach County’s finest scenery. Also a part of the Lake Worth Lagoon, Lake Worth Inlet is incredibly accessible to Blue Water Boat & Jetski Rentals. We’re pleased to offer immediate Atlantic Ocean access, and we understand the importance of travel security, feasibility and comfort.

Visit Singer Island

Sometimes, travel is an adventure’s finest aspect. Your Sea Boss Center Console 21’ and 26’ rental is ready for action, and its raised casting platform, 21-gallon live well, anchor storage compartment, instrument panel and pleated upholstery boasts luxury. If you’re taking a trip, why not go in comfort?

Singer Island is a popular destination, and the Sea Boss Center Console has direct access to its fine, beach-side establishments and docks. An oceanfront neighborhood, Singer Island proudly represents Riviera Beach’s relaxing nature. The area’s upscale resorts, classy hotels and clear beaches never fail to impress, and the area’s historical pride is ever-present.

With two miles of scenic waterside and beach-side landscape, scuba diving, snorkeling, swimming, biking, hiking and camping are all available. At Singer Island, visitors are never left without options. If you seek riveting mangrove forests, eco adventures and natural wonders, Singer Island has answers. Superb meeting facilities and hotels await, as do awesome shopping opportunities.

Tour Dockside Restaurants and Homes

Surely, entertainment, refreshments and fine dining are in the picture. Sea Boss Center Console 21’ and 26’ crafts are a highly viable transportation source, and many opt to visit the area’s extensive dining locations. The nearby intercoastal is beautiful, and several, well-known destinations are ready to serve.

Head over to The River House—where you’ll be served seafood, American and steak dishes. Or, if you’re craving Carribbean, Dive Bar Restaurant is regarded as one of the area’s best seafood, Asian and Carribean dish providers. Jetty’s never fails to deliver a memorable steakhouse selection—and your rental can dock off right in the back.

At Blue Water Boat & Jetski Rental, we understand the importance of easy access. Your rentals are always taken care of, and dockside assistance, always available. Take advantage of the area’s lush locations and memorable history—and experience a Sea Boss Center Console rental today.

Whether you plan on cruising the intracoastal, relaxing off of Peanut Island, or fishing in the ocean either of these boats are for you.