Rent or Buy a Craig Cat

The CraigCat is an ultra-modern speed efficient patented design that offers an exhilarating performance. It features comfortable side-by-side bucket seats and a Bimini that folds back. It offers stability, easy operation and light weight materials for easy portability. The phenomenal deck design does not collect water. CraigCats are the ultimate in design and performance for any recreational water sport, off-shore, lakes or rivers, for playing, diving, fishing, or cruising. The price is outstanding – priced thousands less than other small boats in its category.

Thanks to modern technology and radically new state-of-the-art designing, here’s a boat that’s so good it’s patented. Now you can have the best of both worlds-all the comfort of cushioned side-by-side bucket seats with unlimited leg room. Plus all the portability and economy of a small boat. The CraigCat features advanced futuristic functional styling that’s guaranteed to turn heads anywhere you go. It offers the stability and the ride that even amazes the experts.

Regardless of your age or your recreational desires, the CraigCat is one high-performance, low cost recreational boat that is indeed versatile. If you like cruising, fishing, diving or just having fun on the water you’ll love what this CraigCat does!!

Craig Catamaran Corporation was founded in 1976 for the purpose of designing and developing a specific type of boat – one that would be inexpensive, easy to care for, comfortable and stylish. The original CraigCat was equipped solely with an electric motor. Like the CraigCat today, it was remarkably stable and very comfortable with side-by-side seating which made it the perfect solution for safe, inexpensive, and very pleasurable boating on lakes, rivers and various waterways. It provided a relaxing comfortable ride, and also proved to be a great boat for the fisherman. You can find the CraigCat electrics throughout the world and can also see them in world class resorts.

During all of this overwhelming excitement for the electric version, plans were already in the works to design a CraigCat that would have more speed. In January of 1997, the CraigCat 25 hp gas engine model began production and is currently being successfully marketed throughout the United States and the world. This gas version of the CraigCat has all of the advantages of the electric and offers more recreational options, along with the dive package which allows the ultimate in water recreation.

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