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Cruising in comfort has never been better. Blue Water Boat & Jetski Rentals is proud to provide cruise-worthy vessels, and we’re dedicated to our surrounding community. Offering the 24-foot Bayliner Cabin Cruiser, Blue Water Boat & Jetski Rentals understands the meaning of smooth sailing—and we’re always prepared to offer top-quality vessels capable of experiencing the surrounding area.

Drift Aside Peanut Island

Created in 1918, Peanut Island still astounds residents and newcomers. Accounting for 80 acres of inlet, long-term campgrounds and excellent nature, the location offers prime facilities for the Bayliner Cabin Cruiser. Events are held regularly, and all designated swimming areas, boardwalks, docks and observation areas are accessible.

Peanut Island offers year-round opportunities for Intracoastal Waterway visitors. Guarded swimming areas are ideal for the 24-foot Bayliner Cabin Cruiser, and they’re a common location for nearby travelers.

Travel through Lake Worth Inlet

Also known as the Palm Beach Inlet, the Lake Worth Inlet is artificially cut through the area’s barrier island to offer quick access. Bordering Palm Beach and Palm Beach Shores, Lake Worth Inlet is an ideal location for any Bayliner Cabin Cruiser.

If you’re traveling, utilizing the Bayliner Cabin Cruiser’s V-birth and cabin is suggested. Up to four can sleep comfortably, and microwave, refrigerator, running water and stove are all provided. Lake Worth Inlet is the area’s most popular destination portal, and your travels have never been this comfortable.

Visit Singer Island

Sometimes, the neighborhood holds great travel value. Located on Riviera Beach’s oceanfront, Singer Island offers a historical two miles of expansive beaches, residential areas and picturesque ocean. Come relax at Singer Island’s pristine beaches, and take advantage of its resorts, upscale hotels and scuba diving adventures.

The Bayliner Cabin Cruiser is incredibly efficient in waterfront areas—so you needn’t worry about area accessibility or travel feasibility. The area’s Intercostal Waterway provides excellent kayak opportunities alongside wide-ranging shopping opportunities, fine Florida restaurants and the Lake Worth Lagoon urban estuary.

With hot showers, private heads and vanity areas, the Bayliner Cruiser is ideal for residential gatherings, visits and cruising. Travels are enriched when expansive interiors are provided, and the craft is well-known for its clear-cut coordination and smooth driving capabilities.

Experience Dockside Restaurants and Local Venues

Of course, performance is a necessity. Blue Water Boat Rental always keeps passengers in mind, and we guarantee exquisite journeys to excellent destinations. Oceanfront is a viable tour route, and dockside restaurants, popular venues and excellent events are all great destinations.

When Blue Water Boat Rental is a provider, exciting times are expected. Take advantage of the area’s finest destinations, spanning across fishing, cruising, snorkeling and dinnertime events. Dockside restaurants are a Florida pastime, and many are ready to serve you—right from the waterside. Take part in The River House’s Palm Beach Gardens location, and partake in juicy steak, seafood and American-favorite dishes.

The Square Grouper Tiki Bar is excellent for any event, and it’s ready to supplement each journey with an expansive cocktail menu and top-quality service. The Bayliner Cruiser is easily docked, and many locations provide dockside assistance for quick, easy departure. Jetty’s, in particular, offers quality seafood options for maritime fun.

For many, seaside adventures aren’t about travel—but adventure. With 24 feet of spacious, lucrative interior and top-deck space, the Bayliner Cabin Cruiser is ready for anything. Perfect for individual and group travel, the vessel provides time-tested-and-true mechanics for multi-pleasure support. Friends are always welcome, and family members should expect perfect facilities and accommodations.

Blue Water Boat Rental is centrally located to offer supreme potential, and the 24-foot Bayliner Cabin Cruiser delivers—one trip at a time.

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