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Your 17-foot coastline adventurer awaits. Boston Whaler is a tried-and-true company, and its watercrafts never fail to please. A fantastic, four-seat craft, each Blue Water Boat & Jetski Rentals Boston Whaler craft is ready for exploration, and we’re always available for rental assistance, information and fuel-ups.

Drift Aside Peanut Island

Peanut Island’s historical, eighty-acre landscape is perfectly suited for Intercostal Waterway adventures. Your Boston Whaler rental is ideal for such locations, and the Lake Worth Inlet is always close by. Situated near Phil Foster Park, Peanut Island is an ideal location for Palm Beach Port and Riviera Beach visitation.

Sometimes, nearby amenities make an adventure. Peanut Island is perfect for boating, fishing, camping and recreational activities. A well-regarded family destination, Peanut Island provides clear waters, surrounding events and its own Guarded Swimming Beaches for unparalleled exploration. Perfect for swimmers, bathers and snorkelers, Peanut Island’s waters are accessible all day. Nighttime visitors can drift aboard their Boston Whaler rental, experience the area’s twenty-site campground and span Peanut Island’s Natural Areas Beach Camping grounds.

Modern island-goers will experience Peanut Island’s Intercostal Waterway—where adventure exists over 80 acres. Protected by the Port Authority, Peanut Island is a safe destination for families and friends alike. Regardless of age, everyone stepping afoot the area is enamored by its lush vegetation and scenic waterside locations.

Access the Lake Worth Inlet

Boston Whaler is a Florida-preferred watercraft, and its decades of success define its immeasurable options. While most boats are gaged upon operational ability, Boston Whaler boasts unsinkability. Your Blue Water Boat & Jetski rental is always safe, and Boston Whaler is proud to have you aboard.

The Lake Worth Inlet is highly accessible, and Boston Whaler crafts are incredibly maneuverable in its wide-spanning mouth. The mid-19th century area, now titled the Lake Worth Lagoon, was originally a fresh water lake. Lake Worth now caters to weekend travelers and day-to-day fishers. The Everglades exist in the west, and both rivers and streams mesh well at the inlet’s various openings.

Enrich Your Trip at Singer Island

Regardless of your loved activities, Boston Whaler has you covered. Cruising, fishing, watersports and swimming are Boston Whaler pastimes, and each craft’s utility shines at Singer Island’s “coasts of opportunity”.

Relax, and spend a day at the area’s beautiful, seventy-mile beach. Or, take advantage of Singer Island’s upscale hotels, magnificent resorts and picturesque snorkeling locations. Scuba diving, biking, swimming and trail exploration are daily options—and your Blue Water Boat & Jetski Boston Whaler rental is ideal for a vibrant, explorative day.

If you’re an eco-adventurer, why not set sail to Singer Island’s canoe and kayaking areas? If you love food, and—if you enjoy life’s finest cocktails—Singer Island’s restaurants and tiki bars highlight Florida’s best offerings.

Dockside Restaurants and Seaside Homes

Speaking of exquisite food, Blue Water Boat & Jetski Rentals is centrally located to provide fine-dining accessibility. We have a commitment to your comfort, and we believe excellent opportunities are birthed from peerless designs, diverse and adaptable watercrafts.

Each Boston Whaler rental can be parked alongside the area’s many restaurants. Jetty’s awaits—and its awesome steak, American and seafood options will satiate your thirst for excellent grub. Similarly, Guanabanas Island Restaurant & Bar holds some of the area’s finest Floribbean, Mexican and Latin American dishes.

Blue Water Boat & Jetski Rentals is dedicated to the ideal adventure. Boston Whaler continues to please with peerless designs, eloquent builds and durable inclusions. When your needs change, Boston Whaler answers. If you’re looking for an innovative, legendary and unsinkable craft, Blue Water Boat & Jetski Rentals has exactly what you seek. Only Boston Whaler can deliver an unsinkable vessel.

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